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About Milk Dessert Bar

Our goal is to evoke the feeling of being at your grandma's house. Customers instantly travel back in time, the moment they enter our restaurant, as they are greeted with eclectic furniture, music ranging from the 1930s - 1980s, and the smell of freshly baked goods.

Gooey Butter Cookies

We offer custom catering for any and all events. We also have a beautiful event rental space perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, corporate events, and more. For more information, please contact us.

While we love being a place for everyone to gather for celebrations, we politely ask that you do not bring in any outside catering of any kind, unless specific arrangements or accommodations have been requested and agreed upon by Milk Dessert Bar.

Made-From-Scratch Chocolate and Vanilla Cakes

From the Press


“Milk Dessert Bar, Where You’ll Find Memphis’ Willy Wonka”


"There's banana cream pie and chocolate coconut cake, blue cakes with wave patterns, cereal milk (it is what it sounds like), and cereal by the bowl. Two cookies and a carton of milk can be had for $4.50. And you can get a plain old scoop of vanilla, if you feel like it."


"Cheerfulness prevails, too, from a line of customers that snakes to the door, even on a Tuesday. There are toddlers with grandparents and posses of teens, but unlike home, no mom smacks your hand out of the cookie dough bowl. Instead, a friendly server encourages tastes from a parade of cookie dough flavors, including confetti, pretzel bark, and peanut butter."


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