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HD Online Player (Naruto Episode 137 138 English Dubbe) benrom




Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto), Sakura Haruno (Sakura) and Sasuke Uchiha ( Sasuke) are ninja-in-training at the ninja village. On the night before his birthday, the boys hear that a seal has been broken in their village and there are many odd things happening in the village. In order to learn what is going on, they go out on an adventure to find out what is happening in their village. On the way, they encounter a demon (Minke) who wants to eat the Kurama. They also meet two new ninja-in-training (Neji, Ibiki). They finally arrive to the place where the seal has been broken and they are shown what is happening in the village. It turns out that a powerful demon called Gaara is behind all of this. In the struggle, Naruto and his friends are separated from each other. Naruto and the Kurama (in the form of Uchiha Sasuke) are able to seal the demon with a giant seal on it's head. As Sasuke returns, he is greeted by a very surprised Sakura. Chapters: (Note: This is a summary of the anime series based on the original manga series) Chapter 1 A few years ago, an old Japanese woman named Minke (Mitsumaru) is a young girl with a self-centered attitude and arrogant behavior. One day, she meets her father who is working in the forest. One day, the father and daughter go fishing together and Minke gets hungry. When she asks for some food, the father gives her a small stone. Minke is given a stone that makes her grow older every time she eats it. Minke turns 17 in the next day. Minke is shocked when she realizes that she is no longer a little girl, but a full-grown woman. On the next day, Minke eats the stone and discovers that she is able to fly. She tries to eat the stone again but she accidentally swallows it. When she gets older, she becomes a beautiful woman. Later that day, Minke learns that her father has died, so she decides to live as a vagrant. While she is on her own, she meets a man named Toshikage Kiyomitsu who wants to challenge her to a fight. After the battle, Toshikage offers to give Minke money and a home. Minke accepts and she moves in with him. Toshikage tells Minke about his




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HD Online Player (Naruto Episode 137 138 English Dubbe) benrom

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