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Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Milk Dessert Bar loves making custom orders that perfectly complement your event theme. While our store has a vintage eclectic feel, we are more than capable of providing modern elegant cakes and other desserts from petit fours to croquembouches.


How far in advance should I place my order?

Cakes for large events, like weddings or corporate events should be placed no less than 3 months in advance. Party cakes, custom cookies, cheesecakes, etc. can typically be made within 48-72 hours. Please contact us directly for availability, as this is always subject to change.

When do I pay for my order?

We require payment in full for all custom orders. For cakes ordered less than 14 business days in advance, payment must be received at the time the order is placed.

Can I schedule a tasting?

Absolutely! We’d love for you to try before you buy. Tastings are $25, and the cost can be applied towards your order, if it exceeds $200.


How many tiers can my cake be?

As long as we can stabilize the cake and not compromise taste or design quality, we can make as many tiers as you’d like.


What cake and icing flavors do you offer?

We have over 10 flavors available, but if none of them tickle your fancy, we can make pretty much any flavor your heart desires.


What about fondant and sculpting?

While we always recommend using buttercream and making details from fondant, we are more than happy to cover your cake in fondant. We can also provide custom sculptures. A few of our favorite sculpted items include: a cowboy boot, football and jersey, woodland creatures, etc.


Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we do. We can also assemble cakes at the event venue. If you would prefer to pick-up, pick-ups can be made at our location at 1789 Kirby Parkway, Suite 10 Memphis, TN 38138.


Do you offer anything else besides cake?

Yes! We can provide edible cookie dough shooters, pound cake bites, brownie bites, full cheesecakes and cheesecake bites, cookies, and much more!


How do I order?

You can send all order inquiries to our director of communications at

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